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Davor Spasoski-2
Following-up on our conversation regaring the encodings, I noticed one behviour of kannel that in my opinion colides with alt-charset=utf8 directive.

The SMSC supports UTF-8 with DCS=0 and it all works fine as long as I'm using characters of the GSM-7 bit (url-encoded in UTF-8). No need to use charset and dcs with smsbox.
But when using a character beyond GSM-7 bit, it's no longer automatically converted to UTF-8 by bearerbox, but to "?", unless I set coding=2 and charset=utf-8

What's the use of utf-8 as smsc alphabet if content provider still needs to watch the content of the message and set coding=2 and charset-utf-8 if necessary. Shouldn't kannel in this case assume:
- all input is utf-8  unless noted otherwise (dcs, charset)
- forward the text unchanged to SMSC, while preserving DCS=0

Similarly, even with SMSC with default alphabet of GSM 7-bit, isn't it better to assume:
- all input is utf-8  unless noted otherwise with charset
- transcode to UCS-2 with DCS=8 if input text (properly encoded in utf-8) contains anything outside GSM-7 bit alphabet.

If this is possible, please let me know how. If not, please consider adding this "auto-detect" option, I think it's going to be much more user friendly to content providers. Otherwise, smart quotes or similar, results in garbage on screen, because sender forgot to inspect and set coding=2 and charset=utf-8.

Davor Spasoski
VAS Manager /  Online and VAS Development

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Hi Stipe,

Thank you for your reply. I apologize for cross-posting. This is really usuful information.
I made some tests with few versions ftom 1.4.4 to SVN and it is consistent. Kill me if I'm wrong, but I remember that way long ago and with older versions and browsers I was able to url-encode the GSM characters with their hex value and get them properly on the handset, usually using alt-dcs=1 on our Comverse SMSC. My mistake with my tests is that I was doing the same now, but the browser

The enlitement for me is the alt-charset setting which was not clear to me from the userguide.

One more question: alt-addr-charset is there to prevent PDU breaking if 0x00 is in the address. But how come 0x00 in the short_message does not break it with GSM 7-bit?

Thanks a lot again!

Davor Spasoski

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Am 02.04.17 21:57, schrieb Davor Spasoski:
> Dear kannel users&developers,

Hi Davor,

please don't cross-post into several mailing list, we consider this spaming.

Your questions is more related to internals, so devel@ should be the right place to ask.

> Can someone give precise information what happens encoding wise from
> smsbox to SMSC. I understand that as of 1.4.1:
> Smsbox i expecting utf-8 by default

correct, the sendsms HTTP interface assumes UTF-8 encoding as input, (if not otherwise indicated via the 'coding' and 'charset' HTTP GET variables).

> Communication smsbox ßàbearerbox is only via utf-8

IF the message is considered to be textual (coding=0), yes, UTF-8 is the internal encoding.

IF coding=1 is indicated then it's raw byte stream, with no encoding implicated.

IF coding=2 then the internal encoding will leave UCS-2.

> Bearerbox ßàSMSC is supposed to be ISO-8859-1

nop, that's latin1. Depending on the SMSC type there are different upstream encodings used as default.

I.e. for SMPP the default encoding (aka data coding scheme, DCS 0x00) is GSM 03.38.

> But then we have alt-dcs and alt-addr-charset that are supposed to
> enable GSM-7 alphabet between SMSC and bearerbox, but although
> documented, they both don’t seem to work from 1.4.2 onwards. There is
> a slight difference when I add alt-charset=GSM, but it certainly is
> not sending GSM. (I get a lot of question marks until I get to 0x28
> character)

The config 'alt-charset' in the SMPP config groups defines which default alphabet the SMSC assumes for it's DCS 0x00 encoding.

Keep in mind that 'alt-charset' relies on the iconv() library, and this does NOT include GSM 03.38, so there is no value for GSM 03.38 encoding that can be defined via 'alt-charset', which is also not required since it is default. Only all other default encodings can be switched to via this config directive.

> What if I have specific SMSC that is using GSM-7 or even something
> more weird like Escaped ISO-8859-1 that combines ISO and GSM 7-bit.
> Is SMSC – bearerbox in UTF-8 possible?

yes, 'alt-charset = UTF-8' would simply send the payload as UTF-8 encoded text. AFAIR, the HTTP SMSC types do this.

Best Regards,
Stipe Tolj

Düsseldorf, NRW, Germany

Kannel Foundation        system architecture  

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