[REMINDER] GSMA MWC 2017 Meeting opportunity

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[REMINDER] GSMA MWC 2017 Meeting opportunity

Stipe Tolj-2
Dear all,

the GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain from 27 Feb to 2 Mar
2017 is closing in fast. It's less then two weeks to the event.

If you are a mobile network operator, a messaging aggregator, a system
integrator for mobile networks and/or services, or an enterprise
representative in the mobile business, and would like to meet us on the
venue for discussion about

- commercial support/consulting for Kannel deployments, development
and/or integration

- our commercial add-on products
   - Kannel SMPP v5.0 server (smppbox)
   - Kannel SMPP v5.0 proxy filter (smppproxy)
   - Kannel AMQP v1.0 messaging broker (amqpbox)
   - Kannel vSMSC (virtual SMSC) solutions
   - Kannel SMS inter-working/hubbing (iwsmsc)
   - Kannel-CG (carrier-grade) Mobile Internet Gateway (kannel-cg)
   - Kannel-CG (carrier-grade) MMSC (kannel-mmsc)

- our commercial Support Level Agreements (SLA) for business critical
Kannel installations

- future technology integrations
   - RCS Interworking, ...

- to discuss any other topic...

please make an appointment with us at the MWC via our main web site URL
http://www.kannel.org/, or via the direct interface to our online
planers at:

   for meetings with Stipe Tolj
   please use https://kannel.appointlet.com/

   for meetings with Alexander Malysh
   please use https://amalysh.youcanbook.me/

We're looking forward to see you at MWC in Barcelona.

Best Regards,
Stipe Tolj

Düsseldorf, NRW, Germany

Kannel Foundation                 tolj.org system architecture
http://www.kannel.org/            http://www.tolj.org/

stolj at kannel.org               st at tolj.org

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