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No client - multi-send or ACK to pull-reply

Alejandro J. Ramírez

Hello Everyone!

             I'm in a lot of trouble,  every X hours my server dies with
"BEARERBOX: Out of Memory", I had already asked about this one on the
mailing list, and DLR was suggested to be changed from internal to
mysql, nothing changed though.  This with stable version. (im thinking
it might have something to do with a memory leak with sqlbox on that

    Now for the real issue at hand, im trying to use the newest version
available in CVS cvs-20060119 maybe the leak was fixed here.... I have
compiled it with sqlbox support (it is totally necessary for me). But
now when it tries to fetch content from my IIS web server i get the "No
client - multi-send or ACK to pull-reply". Is there a new step i must
take for configuring the CVS version??

Thank you so much everyone for your help!