Kannel gwlibs is required !!

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Kannel gwlibs is required !!

Carlos Azagra
Dear friends:

Im new with kannel , and I am trying to install kannel 1.5.0 with opensmppbox and sqlbox

I installed Kannel 1.5.0  in Ubuntu 16.04

Mysql 5.7

But , when I tried to compile Opensmppbox, I get the next error message:

Checking for cfg_create in - lgwlib...no
configure: error : Kannel gwlib is required !

I got the same message when I tried to compile sqlbox. (the two files of the ADDONS directory)

I tried to find in Google some solution for that (check directories, copy the gateway´s files in include and in lib), but nothing works

¿can anyone help me with that?

thanks a lot in advance