Huge volume - Long delay Delivery

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Huge volume - Long delay Delivery

Loyc Cossou
Hi Friends,

I would like to share a problem and request your kind inputs.

I am running kannel 1.4.3 and everything is  perfect! Unless when huge trafic arrives... In that case, the more SMS requests I get, the bigger is the delay of the DLRs. So that after 4K SMS at high rate (constantly 30sms per minute), I start getting up to 5hours delivery rate.

The logic is like:
  1. I get the request from the client over HTTP 

  2. (I do some internl checkings)

  3. I submit to Kannel

  4. I wait for the DLR from Kannel

  5. I provide the DLR to the client
This is repeated as many times requests are coming in.

Can someone suggest a better logic?

For some reasons SqlBox cannot work for me. Someone can explain me how SQLBox works? For example, when 5k lines are inserted in the database (for SQLBox), how are they proccessed? One after the other or is it using a "bulk method"?

Thank you for your kind support.


loyc Cossou