HELP with new 3G Modem (serial port)

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HELP with new 3G Modem (serial port)

Peter Lum

Dear friends

I recently changed my 2G GSM Modem to a new 3G modem because we are phasing out 2G.

I thought the work is just replacement but after 1 week, I am still struggling with Kannel to work with this new modem.

I am using Kannel 1.4.4 and the modem is the TCAM T61-EHS5

AT Commands are at

I have been using different settings and doing google searches but just couldn’t get it to work. It may work for 1 min and then, stopped.

This is driving me crazy!! I learned from techsupport that the 3G modem has 2 restrictions:

1.       The rate of sending SMS must be throttled.

2.       The memory space is only 140 bytes

For point 1, I added throughput = 0.5 in the config

For point 2, it is too challenging for me to reoslve.

As the I need to send uncode (16-bits), how to I set up the PDU in kannel to auto break messages into 140 bytes chunk.


Thanks in advanced!