DLR routing between SMSC's

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DLR routing between SMSC's

Hello everyone,

I have one bearerbox instance with 2 SMPP SMSC's connected as transceivers. I use version 1.4.3. I will not upgrade for the moment. I keep track of things to a postgres DB

The scenario is:

- I receive MO from SMSC1 and I route it as MT to SMSC2. MO has registered_delivery: 0 so it sends MT with registered_delivery: 0 also
- I receive DLR from SMSC2 and I wanted routed to SMSC1
- I've used reroute-smsc-id and reroute-dlr in order for the above to happen

Unfortunately my SMSC1 carrier is not very helpful in sending any other value for registered_delivery than 0, in which case Kannel doesn't seem to be willing to forward the DLR from SMSC2 towards SMSC1.

Is there any other option to get around this besides passing through a SMSBOX with an apropriate sms-service that can handle this?

Maybe hardcoding something?