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Create and send SAT Push

Alejandro Woywood-2
Hi there!
I have a working Kannel server, connected to a mobile operator (Claro Chile). I'm sending normal SMS, Wap push and Flash SMS. 

But I urgently need to create and send SAT Push messages. The objetive is to be able to send a message to the user, and thet he/she responds selecting answers from a menu.

I've read most of the answers about this in this mailing. I understand that I need some sort of process to transform the S@TML into ByteCode, which in turn I must feed to Kannel somehow.
Can you help with any of these two problems?

- How do I convert S@TML into ByteCode? (I've read the docs, they are hard to understand)

- How do I use the ByteCode send a message using Kannel? (Using the UDH field?)
Is there a example message that I can try?

Thanks in advance! And very Hapy Holidays!

Alejandro Woywood.