Bind a second SMSC to Kannel

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Bind a second SMSC to Kannel

Eloge Bapfunya
Hi everybody,
I am trying to configure my Kannel to use a second SMSC for same
operator. Everything is fine but I can't get an SMS Request Notification
from Kannel when I receive SMS from the second SMSC.
Please find below details in my logs:

First SMSC
2017-02-01 10:48:54 Receive SMS [SMSC:***] [SVC:] [ACT:] [BINF:] [FID:]
[from:+*********7] [to:+***] [flags:-1:0:-1:0:-1] [msg:2:40] [udh:0:]
2017-02-01 10:48:54 SMS request sender:+*********7 request: '40' file
answer: ''

Second SMSC
2017-02-01 09:33:04 Receive SMS [SMSC:+++] [SVC:] [ACT:] [BINF:] [FID:]
[from:+************9] [to:+***] [flags:-1:0:-1:0:-1] [msg:7:1.VITAL]

As you can see there is one line generated when Kannel receive SMS from
the first SMSC but no generated for the Second SMSC.
Thank you in advance for your help.

Eloge B.